queens v. jester-kings

November 1, 2012

i was born a Queen.

a long beautiful
lineage of Queens
who had to be kings
in castles
filled with jester’s
who played at being kings.

jester’s who silenced their voices
with side splitting punch lines
no jokes.

jester-kings who forget the strongest
piece on a chessboard is the Queen.
but who know…
that we are so powerful
it scares them enough to castle
behind three pawns.

while they dictate our moves
tell us where we need to be
how we need to play by the rules


i am Queen.
the game starts and ends
when i say it does.

you have for too long
thought this game was about you.
setting parameters
trying to restrain
my strength
my voice
my choice.

your days are counted
the game is changing
Queens will rule again.

but don’t worry
we won’t pay you less for equal work
we won’t put viagra up for legislation
hell, we won’t even expect you to cook and clean.


this game
is about to get real.
so get your crooked rooks
and your bullshit bishops.

all i need is a few Queens
to do all the work
you and your pawns
have failed to do throughout
the history of your existence.

check. mate.

corazon poeta

October 31, 2012

esa voz cual en ritmo y sentimiento
expresa Amor, justícia y conciencia.

esa alma que lleva en el pecho despecho
y el canto de un buen canto.

ese espirítu
de un ser sincero
-consigo mismo primero-
que con su boca convoca
Libertad y Humanidad.

ese corazón Poeta
que con bolígrafo en mano
hostiga tumbar gobiernos
y darle alas a sus sueños.

corazón Poeta!

clama y reclama
tus palabras.

no se las lleva el viento,
pues llevan el mismo peso
de tus actos.