sleeping giant

May 8, 2013

in this country
they will ban a book
before they ban a semi-automatic weapon.

because they know…
that a fully loaded mind
is powerful enough
to bring down corrupt governments
dressed in democracy
of the people
for the people.

(this shit has never been by the people).

in this country
they will fund wars
before they fund schools

because they know…
that an educated mind
is powerful enough to declare war
on things that matter:
hunger. poverty. racism.

education is under attack.

the ABC’s are held hostage
behind deficits and budgets.
they cut and shred
the safety net.

the system is fixed
for our children to fail.

so they blame it on teachers
and parents and anyone but themselves
because they know.
that if they put money into education
our children may just wake up.
(hell, we may wake up)
and realize we are a sleeping giant.

we don’t have lobbyists
pouring money into their campaigns.
but the collective power of our free minds
is capable enough to raise a level of consciousness
that could get this shit done right
once and for all.

in this country
they are failing our children with purpose.