September 14, 2011

she’s not a carpenter
but she’s building me up.

never used brushes,
but she paints my heart
a green shade of hope…
slowly and perfectly.

serves dinner onto plates
filled with laughter.
plays connect the dots
with my freckles,
drawing out her touch…

i get feverish.
my skin burns
out fears.

her silence
tells me to rest
as we breath
in and out
and Up.

moves me
to stillness…

She has a way
to find ways.

~Sarahí Yajaira. 2011


un caballero

August 26, 2011

my father
taught me
how to be
un caballero.

is not acceptable.
on a date,
get there
fifteen minutes

bring flowers.
will never sour.

pleasant words
will bring a smile.

hold doors, pull chairs,
give up your jacket
before she gets cold.

he taught my sister
the same.

’cause he says
we needed to be everything
to ourselves and others.

taught us
how to make dinner
into poetry.
from the way you cooked it
to the way you served it.

he taught us to call
our mother every day.
to never visit her
empty handed.
milk, eggs and bread
will fill anyone’s basket.

kisses are necessary,
hugs are mandatory.
the touch of Love
will keep everyone warm.

sing a Love song
-you’re never off key
if you sing it
from the heart.

a gentleman
never talks
ill of the past.
She sees it
as lessons for a
stronger future.

raise your voice
or your hand.

speak softly.
touch gently.

un caballero
her flaws and faults
and works to be

and remember
to be a true caballero
you must never forget
that you are always
una Dama.

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2011 ©

a letter to love

November 12, 2010


when you come home
this is what a need from you…

i need you to be patient.
with you. with me. with us.
you should come dressed in comfort.
nothing flashy
–simplicity catches my eye with ease.

come with a gentle spirit.
speak softly. hold me gently.
you will have my attention
if you can get at my intellect
and my spirit.

don’t hold me accountable
for what others have done to you.
i still believe in you
amidst the heartaches
loving has caused.

feed the spirit of us.
nurture the soul of what we have
with letters, flowers, music…
details add fuel to the fire.
love must burn.

on a lazy sunday
wrapped in me.
recharge our souls
with peace.

want to want to it.
need to have it.
fight to make sure we continue
to love “for better or for worse.”

and finally, please,
come home for good.


(i left the light on for you).

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2010

let our love be

November 6, 2009

when we look to the horizon,
and see dark clouds fast approaching,
let us take that time,
to lower the sails.

when that eerie silence
before the storm
makes our hearts uneasy,
let us tie a reef knot
and hold each other closer.

when rough waters
rock the boat,
and the wind
threatens a wreck,
let us not abandon ship.

and when we’ve been
battered and tossed…

let our love be the anchor
that stabilizes our ship.
let our love be the compass
that guides us back to shore.

let our love be…
the calm after the storm!

for my love.  i stand with you.  beside you.  just hold on tight. i love you.

~Sarahi Yajaira, 2009