the cure

January 23, 2012

tell her i said to get
a heart transplant.

to ask for the heart
that was in the coldest body
so that her feelings will always be…

she wears her heart on her sleeve.
gives it freely because she believes in Love
more than she believes in god.
like if there was a church of Love,
she’d be there every Sunday offering
her whole heart as tithe.

she wants her life to be about Love
and always seems connect with people
who fear it like a pandemic.

so she keeps getting Love sick.
wondering if there is a vaccine
or some sort of cure for the Love stricken.

(i just keep hoping she gets sick of Love).

so i tell her, to get rid of her heart.
to exchange it for a drum if what she needs is just a beat.
that way she can easily replace it when the skin has broken.

the movies have lied.
the books have deceived.

there is no happy ending.

only an ending of contentment
if you can find peace
with the hearts you were dealt
in a game of spades.

this much i know,
there isn’t a cure… there isn’t even treatment.