reflective of the last 34 years… i am filled with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. thankFULL. i decided to set some personal intentions for my new year. fully aware that some of them may not come to fruition as quickly as i’d like them to or that life may just have something entirely different for me.

i set these intentions with a commitment to Self:

may i be patient. with my Self. may i relish in every step. and be still in it, until it is time to take the next one. no haste. just a gentle reminder that the Universe has its rhythm and i can only fall into its beat.

may i marry my body. nourish my temple with foods and drinks that will keep it wholly. that i may exercise it and make of this a practice. may i be healthy in my relationship with self.

may i finish my book. as difficult as it may be to relive some things and write them out, the final product will give healing to a beautiful relationship.

may i write more handwritten letters. put them in an envelope. stamp. mail it out. i don’t want the art of writing by hand to become a memory. so expect snail mail.

may i be still in the moment. hold on to it. learn to be with it. after all, it is all i will ever have. this. very. moment.

living and celebrating my life surrounded by the Love and support of family and friends is my greatest blessing. thank you for being part of my journey.