November 27, 2011

everytime i am in your presence
you shower me with the purest Love.

the way you looked at me
when you saw my face… the excitement
in your eyes vanished the worries right outta’ me.

and each of you hugged me…
excited to see your favorite Titi Feisty.

the honesty of your innocence
is uplifting.

we watched movies. happy feet
had me dancing in the movie theater
with you… your buttered popcorn fingers
held my hand.

we headed home to watch more movies.
superheroes flying and fighting… as your father,
(my brother) told us the history of marvel comics.
i saw him in the light of our childhood years.
time flies faster than Thor on the rainbow bridge.

if you all knew the super power you have
to bring complete happiness to my life.

you’re right ñingo, if i could have a super power… it would be to stop time
and go back and forth between it.

today, would be on loop.