April 26, 2012

your beauty is being measured
in measurements and hues.

cosmopolitan has set the cosmos to believe
double zeros is the size to be. so they photoshop
your weight to turn the corners of their sizeism
into curves that will wrap around an image of beauty
that is emaciated.

allure is the illusion created
when they airbrush your skin a lighter shade
of racism.

at seventeen they got’ you
believing that skinny jeans will walk
you through life. that you should highlight
your hair to highlight your features.

you can vogue your way to your fifties
so long as botox keeps your skin tight
enough to walk the runway.

don’t run away
from who you are.
your natural beauty is flawless.

debunk the beauty myth.

ugly is created in magazines
that sell you lotions and potions
that alter the image in the mirror
to reflect their own self-hatred.