search and rescue

June 22, 2012

i spend too much time in my head
wondering when the wonder will wander over
under the icy ground below my feet

lost in the labyrinth of my fears
uncertainties greet me with the faded smile
of a memory filled with hope

where did i loose my Faith?


January 31, 2012

you came in with fireworks,
(you always do).

still, you were subtle with me,
peaceful and passionate and tender.
you wrapped me gently in the newness of you.
with all the hope and excitement of a clean slate,
a new beginning with renewed strengths…

i. am. hope. full.

on this, your last day
i give you thanks
for coming in with so much energies;
i trust will carry me through.

let me take the spirit of your faith-filled beginning.
let me hear fireworks in the nights of every day.
let me find the peace of your first morning in all of my tomorrows.


November 24, 2011

i need substance.

adventures are for youth,
and i seek a journey.

all that i am.
the sweet and the sour.

taste the corners of my worries.
eat the edges of my sorrows.
digest my spirit, while i season my soul.

touch my intellect. find ways to move my heart
from the center of my chest to the palm of my hands
so that i may give it to you without fear.

smell the scent of my passions.
learn where it is exactly that,
with a single gaze,
you can arch my back
and curve into me.

study my moods.
turn the pages
of my poetic truth
into sonnets.
make music on the keys
of my ribs. play drums
on my breasts.
i can be a sweet song
on your lips.

…if what you want is a journey.

may i

October 5, 2011

may i let go
of all that keeps me.

may i learn
to sit still
with all that is

may i find
peace within
faith without.

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2011