long distance

September 14, 2011

the distance is long
between your hugs and kisses.

i am here. waiting.
for life to give us the opportunity
to see each other again. i miss you so…

yes, i know.
i can hear your voice
on the phone.
but it is your touch
i miss most.

a hug that only you can give.
a kiss that rest so gently on my forehead.

tonight, i think of you both.
in separate worlds
i still keep you together.
mami y papi.

i dislike how i can’t
just show up for dinner.
plan a day with you.

i struggle with the geography
between us.
it’s always been that way.
still, i can’t get use to it.

distance. space. time.

your Love keeps me grounded
on the very same ground that is
miles away from the physical you.
the you that phone calls
can’t connect.
the you that letters
can’t touch.

the you that i wanna’ go see
on days that are long
and nights that are lonely.

i look in the mirror
and there you are.
in my eyes.
in my smile.
in my frown.
i am…
the beautiful imperfection
of both of you.

i am thankful
you are still here.

but tonight…
i miss your scent. your hugs.
a game of rumi. a cup of coffee.

tonight… su hija extraña su presencia.

~Sarahi Yajaira, 2011