reflective of the last 34 years… i am filled with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. thankFULL. i decided to set some personal intentions for my new year. fully aware that some of them may not come to fruition as quickly as i’d like them to or that life may just have something entirely different for me.

i set these intentions with a commitment to Self:

may i be patient. with my Self. may i relish in every step. and be still in it, until it is time to take the next one. no haste. just a gentle reminder that the Universe has its rhythm and i can only fall into its beat.

may i marry my body. nourish my temple with foods and drinks that will keep it wholly. that i may exercise it and make of this a practice. may i be healthy in my relationship with self.

may i finish my book. as difficult as it may be to relive some things and write them out, the final product will give healing to a beautiful relationship.

may i write more handwritten letters. put them in an envelope. stamp. mail it out. i don’t want the art of writing by hand to become a memory. so expect snail mail.

may i be still in the moment. hold on to it. learn to be with it. after all, it is all i will ever have. this. very. moment.

living and celebrating my life surrounded by the Love and support of family and friends is my greatest blessing. thank you for being part of my journey.

celebrating her sofrito

November 6, 2011

every day i celebrate you. Mujer Latina!

i celebrate the Latina who matches her chancletas with her belt and her bandana.

i celebrate the taste of sofrito on
your lips. the sazon on your
fingertips. the maizena in your eyes.

i celebrate the yuca
roots of your soul.  the way you make
love in the kitchen and then serve it up in plates filled with ancestral
traditions that got me sucking the marrow outta’ that pollo guisao’ like it was my first home cooked meal after coming
back from a hunger war.

i love the anger in you. the coño carajo in you. the mira,
muchacha er’ diablo no me joda
, i’m pissed as hell right now, in you.

i love the diversity of you. the trigueñita, la negrita, la blanquita, la morenita. la gorda, la flaca
the one with the hips that were made to raise 13 muchachos.  i love the intellectual
you. the nerdy you. the quiet you. the loud you.  the silly you. the serious you. the office
you. the i don’t wanna’ do shit today but lay on the couch, eat platanitos, drink malta and watch novelas in

i love and celebrate your voice. the one that sings while
you clean. the one that can say the perfect words whispered softly al oido.  and just as quickly, stick her head out the
window and yell, “mira condena, you didn’t
call me last night.”

i celebrate the 2.5 hours it takes you to get ready because Mami always said, “no salgas a la calle looking like una loca you never know who might find you.”

i celebrate the nurture in you. that tenderness wrapped in strength
that has been known to tumbar gobiernos,
to heal the bruised and fix the broken.

i celebrate the “tu
that simple sexiness you carry on your hips like an extension of
your heart pulsating to your very walk.

i celebrate your laughter. that contagious carcajada
that can be heard in the next barrio.
that smile that brings light to the darkest of places.

i celebrate la cultura
in you. the music, the food, the lessons you pass on, the love you pass up.
the way you dance with la escoba
while you clean. the way you find ways to keep the island traditions alive on
these palm-tree-less grounds.  the way
you can paint montañas outside the
window panes of cities.

i celebrate the guerrera
in you. the i ain’t giving up ‘cause my abuelita’s
didn’t and that blood runs through me. the i will not back down. i
will stand my ground. go ‘head and try and push me lest’ you be a pendeja and want to see the wrath of a
thousand generations unleashed on you like the female version of Tito Trinidad.

i celebrate you. the perfect balance of love, anger, and

Usted Mujer Latina… my strength and weakness within.  every thing i am and want.