the life we give

September 6, 2013

life is a simple breath.

if we’re lucky, it will last
the length of a long exhale.

i fell asleep on my books last night. literally. i was studying for an exam i have today. my body just succumbed to the comfort of my bed and i fell into a deep sleep. six hours later i awakened almost abruptly. wondering what time it was, i reached for my phone and noticed i missed a few calls. i checked Facebook (these days mainly for messages from my Nursing School classmates), when i read the top feed news that tells me of the passing of a man i considered an amazing human being.

we kept in touch often, he was a very well known and respected musician, an amazing composer and poet. the community Loves him. he was always so full of LIFE. really, FULL OF LIFE. a contagious smile that had you at the first strum of strings.

at open mic events, he’d always ask me to come up and sing while he played his guitar. we talked about collaborating on a project i have, that he found, in his words, “brilliante.” he was always so encouraging. promoted Puerto Rican culture and history, with a pride and an honor that was refreshing. and he did so in such a classy jibarito style. i loved watching him play his cuatro. such passion.

life… if we’re lucky… will last the length of a long exhale.

life is about the deep breath.

it is what we do during the inhale.
it is what we put into the breath.
simply put…
it is the life we give life that makes all the difference.

descansa en paz Borikua querido.