September 7, 2013

hoy el aire huele a tu recuerdo
una brisa de olvido
me eriza la memoria de ti

lo que el viento se llevo
siempre regresa

respirando tu “de nuevo”
me doy cuenta…

fuiste oxigeno
que llenaba mis pulmones

te convertiste en tornado
que derrumbo mi entorno

ahora hueles al ayer
que sopla lo que un día fue.

el aire huele a tu recuerdo
y yo siento paz.


November 9, 2012

…y de la nada, te apareces.

like houdini, poof!

you just show up.
via email.

“hey, how you doing? how’s life? love?”

tal vez no entiendes. que esta no es la relación
que quiero contigo. pues para tener una amistad
se necesitan dos.

one should be available to the other.
at any time. no en secreto como si fuera
lo nuestro un pecado que lleve pena de muerte.

that’s what relationships are, no?
un toma y coge. a give and take.
an, i got yo’ back. estoy aquí pa’ cuando sea.

asi que, cuando quieras una amistad sincera,
show it. y no en un marrrrdito email
que luego borras para que no sepan que aun
te comunicas conmigo.

y no, esto no es poesía.
it’s a direct message to you.
yo estoy vieja ya,
to be playing hide-and-seek.

you dishonor the memory
of the relationship
y me insultas.

a tu “intento” le falta
corazón y coráje.

amiga, Hermana

May 15, 2012

tu amistad y hermandad
es canción perfecta.

ese corazón debe ser multíplicado
por mil, a la infínita potencia.

pensaba, que estar enamorada,
estaba solo reservado para el amor intimo,
hasta conocer tu sonrisa
llena de risa
y ahora me encuentro
escribiendo poesía
inspirada en tu cariño.

durante el tiempo compartido.
me sudan las manos
y me bailan los pies.

cuando almas gemelas
se encuentran en la tierra
del cielo llueve la risa
de niñas de ocho años.

beacon street

April 5, 2012

it was no wonder,
you wonder filled spirit,
that you lived on beacon street.

we met august 2008
i was moving in.
i knocked on your door
and when you opened
your smile lit up
that small hallway.

we became friends instantly.
like we had known each other
for years. sharing laughter.
food. company. stories.
we learned about each other.
you talked about your love
for the arts. started painting again.

the beagle loved you too.
she looked forward to your everyday visits
with a spoonful of yogurt that had her
tail waggin’ so fast, we thought it would fall off.

the more you shared your life with me,
the more awestruck i became.
life dealt you such shitty hands
but you played the game.
and you did it well Ass 😉

i know your light will shine in my life
all the days i have left. your wonder
will live on.

thank you for shining your light.
thank you for sharing your life. 

rest now my friend. rest.


April 2, 2012

city lights in my rearview mirror…
i drive away from you.
leaving behind skyscrapers
filled with memories and laughter.

emotions rush through me
like the express 4 train,
non-stop to battery park.
i recharge on your grid.

you call me
like you’re hailing a gypsy cab.

you hold so many of my times, squared
in every block that turns
into the nostalgic truth:

when i am with you, i am Home.


March 2, 2012

i wish i had a magic wand
to wave across that maurader’s map
and see if we could, just see
a clearer picture of ourselves.

i wish i had a crystal ball
that spins on an axis
and see if we could, just see
a better image of our souls.

i wish i had a deck of cards
with no jokers, all hearts
and see if we could, just see
a full house of hope.

i wish i had a time machine
that goes back into the future
and see if we could, just see
timeless Love.

i wish i had… the answer to our heart’s insecurities.

reflection: eve

December 29, 2011

i stand at the eve of a new day,
that will mark a new year.
we are always setting resolutions
around this time. making a list of
the blessings and the challenges
the year brought.

some can’t wait for it to be over.
others may count it among their favorites.

i count it as another year.

aware of the blessings in each challenge
i will not reflect on what was lost.

instead, i want to celebrate friendship.

there are five women in my life
that have made such an impact
this year. they have left me in awe
of their spirits. three of them are “new.”
the Universe brought us together because we have
purpose in each others lives. and i look forward
to uncovering and discovering each new day our

the other two, i’ve been friends with for over ten years.
in separate parts of the country. we have never spent
more than three days at a time in each others presence.
still, the connection we have is unbreakable.
the distance is no match for the Love
that has grown between us
and the support we provide each other.

how beautiful is friendship, that the moment you meet certain people
the connection is so strong, you swear you’ve known them
for a lifetime. conversely, those you have known for a lifetime
remain beside you, though not physically; their spirit is as much
a part of your everyday as breathing.

that is what this year has brought me: a deeper appreciation for friendship.

those that showed up to visit me while i was in the hospital; who were part
of my physical and spiritual recovery. those who opened their doors and offered
a place to rest my head or a meal. those who called to ask if i needed anything.
the random text to just “check in.” the email to remind me that i wasn’t alone.
those who came over just to watch a movie and keep me company.

i am thankful for friendship. that kind that picks up right were it left off.
the kind that instantly happens at the meeting of kindred souls. the kind
that’s kind and patient and supportive.

on the eve of a new day, that will mark a new year
i count my blessings in the form of your Love and laughter.

may each new day strengthen our friendship
in faith, Love and support.

Writer’s Note: Gracias Adriana, Yari, y Spectra por su amistad tan bella. Lauren and Rosa, words cannot explain the love i feel for you; here’s to many more years.


December 9, 2011

i don’t know if you know
but the only time i felt safe
was when you were around.
i knew nothing could happen to me.

you were my he-man.
always defeating the skeletor of my fears.

the saddest day of my life was
that august day of 1986,
when you and Manny left.
i knew i wasn’t safe without you.

i loved the summer.
the warmth of your arrival,
was the highlight of my year.

i tagged-along. sometimes i annoyed you,
(that’s what little sisters are supposed to do).
you held on to my pigtails
making motorcycle sounds.
you watched over me. i loved when we played.
wiffle-ball with duck-taped plastic bats.
chasing squirrels. handball. night pool. shoe-shine girl.
and forts. you made the most amazing forts.

you were my boot camp.
those times you were “mean”
was your way of getting me ready for life.

life has given us years. distance has kept
us apart for the majority of our lives.
but we have always been a part of each other.

life has been hard on you.
and you always come out on top.
your strength amazes me
(i wish i had a little more of it).

your Love… it weakens me.
your humor makes me laugh ‘til my belly hurts.

today, i celebrate the gift of your life.
your light shines so brightly David Anthony!

i am lucky to call you my brother
and blessed to have you as one of my best friends.

Happy birthday He-Man!

me and my best friends

one question

November 29, 2011


don’t take life so seriously.

life is fragile. short. time is not on our side. love is.

and in the end… that is the only thing we take with us.

so give it. freely. honestly. wholeheartedly. without reservation.

and receive it. without hesitation.

don’t worry about the damn bills. the next gadget. or making that paper.

none of it is worth a damn thing.

spend time with your family. laugh more with friends. treasure the treasures.

don’t hate. don’t hold anger. don’t be so quick to judge.

do your part to be a part of those who have left a legacy of a more just world.

stand up for the things that matter. stand down for the matters that don’t.

paint. write. sing. dance.

create spaces filled with tenderness.

ask yourself just one question:

if i knew i was going to die tomorrow, what would be most important right now?

the answer you give, is how you should live your life every day.

tiempo mas tiempo

November 22, 2011

el reloj
marcando la una
y otra vez que te dice,
“date tiempo.”

se hacen las cinco…nsecuencias
mas pesadas por negarte la oportunidad.

vuelve a ti.

tu familia. tus amigos.
te esperan.
para renovar tus fuerzas.
alimentar tu alma.
fortalecer tu espiritu.

el silencio
te lo dice todo.

contigo misma.
sin prisa.
todo caera
en su lugar.

tiempo mas tiempo
te dara la suma de paz.

es tiempo.

el reloj marcando
las doce…nas de bendiciones
que te esperan.

pero es ahora,
el momento preciso
para volver a ti.