kissing freckles

December 19, 2012

“that’s my favorite freckle,” she says,
as she turns to another of the many freckles
she’s said that to already,
leans in, and kisses it gently.. tenderly.

she’s just as hopeless a romantic as me
-“cheesy” –some choose to call it. the kind
that leaves Love notes in my wallet
or hidden in my night stand drawer.
fills my inbox with Love songs
or stories about her day.

i nap on her bed
she wakes me up with flowers.

her eyes. her smile.
remind me, that every step towards Her
was worth it. that nothing was ever a mistake.
that i am perfect. whole. and complete.

she Loves the way i Love.
accepts my perfect imperfections
and expects me to be nothing less
and nothing more than who i am.

she reminds me. i am enough.
for me. for her. for us.

she believes in me. sees the woman
i am and Loves her.
she sees the woman
i will become and Loves her even more.

she celebrates Me.

she is fully aware of my insecurites,
the stuff i’m working on and working out.
full disclosure from the moment we met…
she has yet to flinch.

solid and grounded. she anchors me.

and i can’t wait ’til the summer,
when the sun multiplies my freckles.


April 3, 2012

i gave so much of me,
i’m claiming bankruptcy
because the deficit has left me
owing myself an apology.

i took out a loan.
’cause in the right market
i can make Love’s stock soar.


i am not sure what happened,
but i have no fight left.

Love has beaten it out.

the lesson at school is clear though:

commit to Self.

i return to my core.
to replenish depleted areas.
to reconnect to that which
makes me whole. to pay back
myself for my Self-neglect.

everything else.

in time.

into place.


January 27, 2012

quiero ser un libro entre tus manos.

que me leas en luz baja,
a voz alta.

deja sentír cada pagina entre tus dedos.
sin prisa…
disfruta cada palabra… cada emoción… cada momento.

pausa entre capítulos
para recorrer sentido.

llenate de anticipación

deja tu imaginación correr
leeme donde estes.
en tu cama. en un cafe.
sentada en el parque.
pero  leeme…

aprende exactamente donde
la protagonista siente alegría,
tristeza, enojo, páz…

llora. ríe. reflexiona.

conectate al autor.

y cuando leas la última pagina…
leeme de nuevo.

¿que ganabas?

January 6, 2012

¿cual fue tu intención
al besarme,
si no intentabas intentar
algo mas que una aventura?


¿porque te acercaste
tan tiernamente
besando el temor
de mis labios?

¿que ganabas?

cuantos besos
mal gastados
en un fin de semana

y yo
de idiota
poesía en tu piel.

¿porque será quel poeta
siempre encuentra musa
agridulce en un mismo ser?

la próxima
que me bese
tendra que hacer maromas
imposibles para ganarse
tan solo un roce
de la piel que arropa
mis labios.
tendrá ella que ser maga
para hacer desaparecer

los besos no se dan por dar.
se dan con intencion
de dar mas que un
cuerpo mortal.

no prostituyan besos.
no hagan del cariño una ramera
que se ofrece para satisfacer
la carne, mientras deja el alma hambrienta.

el beso se da con intención honesta

…o no se da.