infinite love

March 18, 2015

As performed at BAAD! Theater on Thursday, March 12, 2015. Bronx, NY

I have ten minutes to tell you about lesbian love.

Me quedan minutos para contarte… explicarte… sobre el amor de mujer a mujer. ¿Y como te digo? Eta’ vaina no e’ to’ le que pintan. Y yo reconozco -y me encanta- que el choque de dos almas femeninas conlleva una pasión por si sola que no requiere explicación para la que lo vive.

How can anyone condense in ten minutes the life and death of an infinite feeling?
How can I summarize the still lingering effect of my first girlfriend’s grape flavored bubble gum kiss? I still remember her perfume… I can still smell it, as strong as the scent of our fear for what we had just discovered that day.

It is difficult to place in time what the feeling of my college girlfriend’s hands in mine felt like, as we walked through Boston city streets… enjoying the freedom to do so, fully aware of the sacrifices so many made…. that we may enjoy that moment.
When we grasped hands and she spun me around fast and we became little girls as we twirled and twirled.
She and I are still intertwined.

There is not enough time to describe in detail the first time an older woman taught me, not just how to make love to her, but how to make love to my self.
She outlined the edges of my skin, found the place where I surrender, and then stopped.
Tan solo para saborear ese momento, donde ella fijo su mirada en mí, y vio en mis ojos el deseo insaciable de mis antepasados.

There could never be enough hours to explain the astronomical fall of me… into her. It’s as if I had fallen into an abyss. I am floating in fear and excitement.

The only thing that fell harder than me, was my heart. It plummeted

Y como dejarle a las manos del tiempo un corazón hecho pedazos? Es que es imposible en cuestión de minutos poderles decir que el día que ella decidió no seguirme, sentí exactamente cuando el lado izquierdo de mi corazón se contrajo… (me imagino) para detener el adiós de sus labios y no correrlo por mis venas.

No sé si me queden suficientes segundos para por lo menos comenzar a decirle que se me retuerce el estómago. That the butterflies in my belly have turned into knots. I’m tangled in despair. There is a tragedy in Love running out of time or worse… you running out of my Love.

The love lived between women is so intense, that we are never fully disconnected from an old love if we hold on to the things that were beautiful. We are bound to each one of those moments for the rest of our days.

Los restos de nuestros Amores nunca descansan en la paz del olvido. El verdadero Amor es infinito… hace un ocho del sexto sentido. And I am left with a number of emotions that multiply in the silence of the night.

I’m certain that I have but nano seconds left to tell you that the way our Love goes… it never goes.

Y me acuerdo… que en el tiempo, hay Amor pero en en el Amor… no hay tiempo.