bells curve

November 4, 2013

the system has expectations for our children:
they hold our kids hostage to numbers called statistics.
so when the bell curve tolls in our hood
it announces the death of another brilliant mind
whose brain has been washed in toxic detergents
of a public education system
whose lesson is you: can’t do this.

“add them to the numbers,” they say.

numbers we wear on an orange suit across our chest
numbers we carry on a government issued card
numbers… to cluster us all into a bundle of expected failure.

that’s some ‘ish right there.

believe me when i tell you
we can survive the system that fails us.
the very same system that tries to derail us.
they blame us for the fault they’ve committed
against our children.
but we can survive the system’s shade
with our Light.

everyone knows there are more cops at our schools
than resources. everyone knows when government budgets
get cut our schools bleed out.

here is a fact: statistics are not a death sentence.

if we can rise above the stat… we can shift the curve
to turn the streets of our neighborhoods
cut through the park
stop in the corner bodega
head to the church
to preach the miracle
that we are.

we are born survivors.

i know that our grades are affected by more than just what happens at school.
i know that trying to help your mother by doing a little hustling is your truth.
i know that you go to your room when you hear the screams of violence in our neighborhood.
i know some days you wonder if food will be on the dinner table.

the reality of our realities are not for the weak. and that is all the proof we need to be certain of what we can accomplish.

we are known to survive in the most adverse circumstances.

i expect you to thrive Hermanit@. i believe you can thrive.

i want you to look at the stat and say, “i’m an outlier.”

“i am that number that will not be included. i will exhaust every possible resource because i know how to hustle a scholarship. i got skills so sick no antibiotic can get rid of it. i am my community’s miracle child. my swag is success!”

you are being called by our community
to stand for our community
and lift our community out, up and over.

you are needed. you are wanted to create change from within. you are the answer to the question.

to the system we are a number with an attached expectation.

what are you to your Self? what is your expectation of you?

commit to the miracle that you are.

bells will curve. we will be sound.