April 23, 2013

me pintare de azul noviembre.
aquel azul que enmarco
el día que nos volvimos a encontrar.

aquel azul que se escapa
de tus labios
cuando me dices que me amas.

ese azul que se mezcla
con tu sangre taina
y de purpura
se enciende tu corazón.

me pintare de azul noviembre
para que nuestro amor
lleve el color que se refleja…

en la eternidad del cielo,
en la profundidad del mar,
en el infinito del universo,
en la esperanza de tu vientre.


Picture by Storm King Art Center

anything or nothing

April 9, 2013

when i was a little girl,
i wanted to be a writer.
so Titi Sara gifted me
my first journal
at the age of six
…and so began my foolish writing.

i penned daily activities
about my first grade friends.
i doodled pictures of clouds
reflecting the day’s weather,
and wrote of how
it always affected my moods.

there are stories too,
about what happened
on any particular day:
a fight with my brother,
an argument with my best friend,
anything and nothing
filled those pages.

my penmanship
was big and bulky.
i chose to write in cursive
as i inked my memories
on those pages.
life was always perfect
so long as i was writing
about anything or nothing.