corazon poeta

October 31, 2012

esa voz cual en ritmo y sentimiento
expresa Amor, justícia y conciencia.

esa alma que lleva en el pecho despecho
y el canto de un buen canto.

ese espirítu
de un ser sincero
-consigo mismo primero-
que con su boca convoca
Libertad y Humanidad.

ese corazón Poeta
que con bolígrafo en mano
hostiga tumbar gobiernos
y darle alas a sus sueños.

corazón Poeta!

clama y reclama
tus palabras.

no se las lleva el viento,
pues llevan el mismo peso
de tus actos.

a place to heal

October 8, 2012

i wish i could gather all the stars tonight
and place them around your neck,
so that they may frame
the full moon of your eyes.

i wish i could gather all the shells
in the ocean, place them around your hips
so that they may serve as wave breakers
for the ocean of worries in your days.

i wish i could gather all the mortar and stone
in the world, build you a fort that’s impenetrable.
that you may be protected always.

but i am just your Titi Feisty
and the only powers i posses are
Love and Faith…

so i ask the Universe to protect you,
to send any worries you may have to me
if only it will make that beautiful smile brighter-
your walk, a bit lighter.

you are growing up so quickly.
life has a way of speeding up the process.
and in that mile per hour highway
you are so amazing.
i marvel at your courage.
i see your patience and care with your little sister,
how you put up with your older brother’s wisecracks
and i know you are growing up beautifully.

so when the days become heavy (and they will)
bring your beautiful hands
to that place that is sacred to you.
turn to music, turn to writing
turn to express your Self in artistry
-it’s the most amazing place to heal.

i am so proud of you my little Love.
your spirit is contagious.
your laughter has the sweetest melody.

Emelyn… you are one of my six favorite songs.