April 6, 2012

black child…
you never got the chance
to taste the rainbow.



think for minute and remember
when you were 17.
you were so full of life… and dreams.
what did you want to be when you grew up?
what did you like? what were your hopes?

black child
you will never know.

because bazooka joe thought your melanin
was the 8th deadly sin
and felt the the need to stand his ground
pull a trigger
and just like that.

…you never got the chance
to taste the rainbow.

this race war
has taken more lives
than all the wars combined.

this race war
has got’ us running away from each other.

fear is a four-letter word with a five-letter sentence:



you never got the chance
to taste the rainbow.

you never got the chance
to live life.
to try and make better days.
to watch your parents grow old.
to witness so many beautiful parts of life.

he took your now & later.
left a sour patch on our tongues.

and the iced-t
tastes like bitter hate.

2 Responses to “untitled”

  1. Luisa Says:

    Yours words are powerful and image laden and your presentation is captivating … whether your story is long or short, or whether it entails joy or sadness. Thank you for the courage in baring your soul and being who you are. I recently had the pleasure to hear your spoken word at the Studio @ Biilings Forge recently and am wondering if you will be performing anytime soon in CT or NY. Peace and Blessings to you.

    • luisa,

      mil gracias for your humbling words. i believe the more we are open with ourselves to others, the greater the possibility to live in a world where we can see each other in light of our differences and similarities. i will post to this site whenever i perform next.


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