reflection: we need to talk

April 3, 2012

i just spent the weekend in nyc. i hadn’t been Home since sometime last summer. it’s been a while since i had spent time with family. and i got to do just that this weekend. i spent time with my cousins (who happen to be my brothers and sisters as well). we talked. a lot. caught up. reminisced (like we always do). laughed. a lot. and just enjoyed being in each other’s light and Love.

in conversation, we learned about certain things that are happening in our family. challenges that individuals and families are facing. among them alcoholism, depression, domestic violence and drug addiction (to name a few). i said to them that if we don’t talk about this as a family, we will continue to perpetuate the behavior. we will continue to sit around this big elephant in the room and not address the problem.

history will repeat itself in the womb of our children.

we need to talk.

we need to talk about the issues that are hard to talk about in order to grow stronger as individuals and as a family. we need to talk to each other past the point of being uncomfortable. it is in that space that we can truly evolve.

we need to talk because the silence is hurting all of us.

One Response to “reflection: we need to talk”

  1. Tracy Says:

    “alcoholism, depression, domestic violence and drug addiction”…

    All difficult to speak about for many reasons. I found, from going through a lot with others for so many years, that it is imperative to learn to talk it out. It is important to understand that other people want to have a chance to help- and that clamming up is doing them a disservice by not trusting them enough to share your pain. The other side of that is our own knowledge that once we admit something needs changing & we ask for guidance- we actually have to follow through- no more crutch to lean on & it’s time to deal with your issue (whatever it may be?). Learn to accept help when it’s needed- just as you would be there for someone you care about (& would feel terrible to learn that they had kept something from you when they were in pain).

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