January 6, 2012

i wish
i wasn’t born
a poet.

i would’ve
liked to have been
a locksmith.

my entire existence
would be dedicated to
the art of making
and defeating locks.

i’d lock up my sentiments.
secure them in a place
where they’d never be hurt.
no key. just a combination
of infinite numbers written
in braille ’cause Love is blind
and only it would know
how to unlock me.

i’d work on deciphering
i’d learn to unlock
fears and insecurities.
i’d work on bringing light
to the darkness of a vaulted
soul and free it from itself.

but i am just a poet
whose safe
is a pen and paper
that unlocks at the simple
turn of a connection.

7 Responses to “locksmith”

  1. mjray926 Says:

    This one is really good! I love the perspective

  2. This is so f-ing profound. Yu have a way of saying everything I would like to say but am unable to put into words. Thank yu for providing the words to my inner most thoughts, and feelings.

  3. maryfollowsthelamb Says:

    I’m sorry, but I just gotta tell you, you are so, so, so very good!!! I’m reading your poetry shaking my head that you need to be out in the world. What Michelangelo is to painting, you are to poetry. I’ll bet you will go down as one of the greats.

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