i gave a presentation this morning to a group of college students on community organizing. one of the students asked, “how do you remain positive when you continue to meet the challenges of a movement?  how do you keep from becoming cynical?” immediately i responded, “oh, but i am cynical.”

(we laughed)

but it is true.

the truth is it is totally possible to become discouraged, exhausted and cynical when you are fighting for a cause. the challenges of fighting for “rights” alone is ridiculous in my mind. i mean, why should anyone fight for a “right.” but that is not what this reflection is about.  i simply elaborated by saying that when she felt “exhausted or discouraged” that she should… rest.

we need to rest. to reconnect to the sources that provide us with strength. to return to the things that feed our will to keep going. and ultimately, to tap into the core of what really moves us to continue “the work.”

as i drove home, i started thinking about the question. and i thought, what if i applied this to my personal life? what if i used these same answers for my own internal movement?

when you feel that your internal movement is not gaining ground… rest. but don’t give up.

return to family. to friends. return to you. seek inspiration in your nieces’ laughter… in a movie date with a friend. find strength in a two-hour phone conversation with someone who haven’t talked to in a while. get on skype and see the face of someone who brings you peace and tells you to “breathe.”

then go and sit at the center of your core. feel the feelings. breathe the emotions. find that which moves your spirit to action.

after you’ve rested, gather all of this … get up and press on.


December 2, 2011

estas seran
las ultimas lineas
que llevan tu recuerdo.

mis palabras
ya no dan para dar.


December 1, 2011

in the time and space
that exist in the geography
of distance

a sometimes
uncanny moment
that shows the illusion
to be real

there are days
i feel you so close
i swear you never left


here you are
sitting in the void
i think is empty.

one is only as far away
as the heart that misses them.

so really, you’re not gone

if every beat
pounds your name
on my chest
escapes from my lips
with every word i speak
you are heavy on my tongue.

a gypsy, you come and go
traveling through my veins
with an expired passport.

my circulatory system
carries your dna

i begin to bleed you out…

so that i may let Her in.