reflection: eve

December 29, 2011

i stand at the eve of a new day,
that will mark a new year.
we are always setting resolutions
around this time. making a list of
the blessings and the challenges
the year brought.

some can’t wait for it to be over.
others may count it among their favorites.

i count it as another year.

aware of the blessings in each challenge
i will not reflect on what was lost.

instead, i want to celebrate friendship.

there are five women in my life
that have made such an impact
this year. they have left me in awe
of their spirits. three of them are “new.”
the Universe brought us together because we have
purpose in each others lives. and i look forward
to uncovering and discovering each new day our

the other two, i’ve been friends with for over ten years.
in separate parts of the country. we have never spent
more than three days at a time in each others presence.
still, the connection we have is unbreakable.
the distance is no match for the Love
that has grown between us
and the support we provide each other.

how beautiful is friendship, that the moment you meet certain people
the connection is so strong, you swear you’ve known them
for a lifetime. conversely, those you have known for a lifetime
remain beside you, though not physically; their spirit is as much
a part of your everyday as breathing.

that is what this year has brought me: a deeper appreciation for friendship.

those that showed up to visit me while i was in the hospital; who were part
of my physical and spiritual recovery. those who opened their doors and offered
a place to rest my head or a meal. those who called to ask if i needed anything.
the random text to just “check in.” the email to remind me that i wasn’t alone.
those who came over just to watch a movie and keep me company.

i am thankful for friendship. that kind that picks up right were it left off.
the kind that instantly happens at the meeting of kindred souls. the kind
that’s kind and patient and supportive.

on the eve of a new day, that will mark a new year
i count my blessings in the form of your Love and laughter.

may each new day strengthen our friendship
in faith, Love and support.

Writer’s Note: Gracias Adriana, Yari, y Spectra por su amistad tan bella. Lauren and Rosa, words cannot explain the love i feel for you; here’s to many more years.

3 Responses to “reflection: eve”

  1. Mari Says:

    Beautifully written and expressed.
    ~ Your fellow poet Mari – Haikumom

    I have New Year’s Resolutions. Some I’ve kept some I’ve have not committed too to complete. Is it because I’m human? Yes, coupled with fear of the unknown has me somewhat stuck in a bubble.

  2. That’s how I feel about my true friends. I hold them close and dear to my heart and you are one of them. Your spirit is so pure and clean it draws me in like a moth to a flame. This is why it hurts me when your in pain. Please keep smiling and shining. Much love.

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