September 16, 2011

it was late.
past your bed time.
but you stood in that corner
with an anxiety that had you
biting your fingernails
and pacing.


the red light kept my car
idle. it seemed to take forever
to change.

not as long
as the pain i saw in your eyes
when they met mine.

for a minute,
my short hair
gave you a glimpse
of what you thought
was your chance.

you walked closer
and looked in,
only to see
that i wasn’t
who you thought.

frustrated you walked

the light turned
the color in your eyes.
you just tryina’ make that paper,
to make that payment,
to buy diapers,
to fill your stomach.

sometimes a clear night
can be cruel to look up to.

we can’t all shoot for the moon
or reach for the stars,
when our reality is
a hard concrete pavement
filled with the cracks we fall through.

i wish i had change in my pockets
-not the kind you spend.
i wish i had…
systemic change available.

the kind of change
that creates real opportunities.
a change that addresses
the needs of a people
who are starving
for a real chance… at a chance.


~Sarahí Yajaira, 2011


One Response to “chance”

  1. Gringa Loca Says:

    Very moving; beautiful words that make one realize what we have or don’t have and to be grateful.

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