August 3, 2011

i saw pics
of you
and me
in that sea
we loved so

i remembered
the taste
of salt
on your lips

and quickly realized
i’ve forgotten
what they feel like.

i forgot
the smell
of your skin.
the feel
of your touch.

i find you
in places
like the corner
of my pillow.

the night
turns in…
and i wanna’

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2011

if we never rush friendships, why then do we rush potential romantic relationships?

i was talking with a good friend about this and was reminded of something i read a couple of weeks ago (thanks to my ADD, I have no clue where i read it); but it was something to that fact.

there are thousands of reasons why relationships don’t work out. but from personal experience i’ve learned that the relationships that both lasted and were strongest, were those that started from a place of friendship.

why then do we feel the need to rush? we wanna’ skip all the steps because we know the end result we want. we wanna’ merge our worlds as if time is gonna’ run out on us or something.  i mean, we don’t meet someone today and give them a BFF charm bracelet tomorrow.

friendships grow.

they are met with challenges and endure.
they celebrate individual accomplishments. birthdays. no reason days.
friendships go days/weeks without talking and are still present.

so what if we treated a potential romantic relationship like a friendship?  we can start by just hanging out once in a while, with other people, sans multi-texting and/or calling.  no talking about exes or wedding colors.  no expectations. just a natural flow of life.

i wanna’ know you. not the you that you think i wanna’ meet.

every so often we can get together (just us) and have a drink, some dinner. split the bill. go to our respective homes at the end.

in a few weeks, we’d catch a movie. chill on couch. tell me about your day. maybe then i’ll find out you have a brother who lives half way across the world. or that funny story about that thing you did in college. i’ll tell you about a project at work. cause we are  just letting it flow.

…without noticing we might fall in to something. or maybe we will just be really good friends.

still, if we start at friendship… we only grow stronger, come what may. that’s pretty romantic.

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2011 ©


August 1, 2011

llega la media noche
y el silencio no se calla.

doy vueltas en la cama
de mis inseguridades,
mientras mi almohada
de preocupaciones
se acuesta
en el nudo de mi cuello.

esta sabana me arropa
en su tela de va y ven
de yo no se que…
me desvelo la noche entera
pensando en como dejo de pensar.

llega la mañana
y me despierto
sin haber dormido.

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2011 ©