August 31, 2011

nacimos de muchas madres,
pero aquí solo hay hermanos.
~ruben blades

out of eleven siblings, we are forty-six cousins total. thirty-five of us grew up in new york city. if you found yourself among the thirty-five who grew up in new york city, when asked the question “who is your best friend?” the answer was, “your best friend was cousin so-and-so.”  we didn’t need friends.  and it’s not that we didn’t welcome other kids from the neighborhood, it was simply that all we needed was each other.

the details of our childhood are too many to recount in this space. we grew up in the same neighborhood. went to the same school. same church. same activities. we were always together. and life gave us the opportunity to live through things that have made us a strong united family.

they’ll be the first to tell you that i’m the “glue.” they always remind me that if it weren’t for me, we wouldn’t get together or call or whatever… what they might not realize is that an adhesive is only as strong as the material that it’s keeping together allows.  what they also might not realize is that they are my strength. i gain strength from the memories we created.

recently, we experienced a significant scare. we thought we’d loose one of our own. on edge, we clung to our Love. and our faith. and while i believe faith carries us through, it is Love that ultimately conquers.

that’s just it Primos… our Love is that strong.

genetics made us cousins, luck made us best friends but Love, Love made us brothers and sisters.

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2011

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