back to school

August 21, 2011

i wanna’ learn you like
elementary school.

take my time
between the abc’s and the 123’s
to finger paint and build blocks.

recess by the swings…
enjoy a snack
that’s followed by a nap
only to wake up on the mat
next to you.

imma’ enjoy every minute of you
like the first day of back to school
when you even look forward to homework.

i wanna’ add reasons to make you smile
subtract the things that don’t.
divide your worries and multiply
the opportunities for growth.

i look forward to the grammar
of getting to know you.
become your favorite noun
fortify adjectives
to be the strongest verb.

focus on penmanship
write cursive slowly…
crossing t’s and dotting i’s.
as close to perfect as
a scratch n’sniff sticker
on the top of a graded paper
that reads, “berry good.”

sure the lessons get harder
but imma’ enjoy the challenge.
i know… that if i study you
“oh the places we’ll go.”

got my new kicks on. they match
my shirt. my bookbag
is filled with hope.  and i’m skippin’
to my lou’ all the way to school…

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2011 ©

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