reflection: the world is hungry

August 17, 2011

death toll: 29,000 and rising
cause of death: hunger
can’t seem to stop thinking about: crying mothers

i’ve been reading (perhaps too much or too little) on the rising death toll in Somalia. children just… dying. so many thoughts and emotions arise: racism, hate, fear, indifference. and i am left to deal with these through my buddhist practice and chant that the world may somehow heal.

i do not want to dismiss in any way the catastrophic disaster of this event in Somalia.  we cannot stop a tsunami, a hurricane or an earthquake. these are natural disasters that surprise us. they leave behind famine, destruction and death. but again, we CAN NOT control it. we can only react to it.

fact that’s got my heart heavy: hunger is preventable.
fact that’s got my thoughts on check: eating is a luxury.

most of us are capable of feeding one more person. and we do nothing. we just stand by waiting for the hunger tsunami to hit and then we begin to call on the world to save the starving children. do you really know why their bellies look full? because they are filled with our indifference. their belly buttons pop out to let us know they’ve had it with our apathy.

i can only ask for forgiveness. chant that i may become a person who is awake. mindful and proactive. and change my behavior to reflect that.

the world is hungry

the world is hungry. starving in fact. for healing. for a collective rising that will begin to heal the broken. and we are ALL broken. we are starving for more than just food for our bodies. we are starved for mindfulness. enlightenment. social consciousness. awareness. we are starved for Love. the kind of Love that makes a person see the very soul of people. we are starved for healing. the kind of healing that begins from a place of honesty.

we are starving. and the way to begin to feed our own hunger is by feeding the ones around us.

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2011 ©

if possible, whatever you’d spend out eating today… consider donating to
and after you donate, see what behaviors you can change in yourself to be a more socially conscious person.

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