pure heart

July 24, 2011

religion is for those who believe in hell.
spirituality is for those who have lived through it.”

in the beginning…
…all was good.

exhausted in fact.
at how in the name of god
they crucify the very free souls
of humanity.

there is nothing Christian
about Christianity
when they have forgotten
that Jesus was,
another way of saying

that king james version
of the book
to breed a royal lineage
of hatred.

hate begets hate.

from tennessee
to ghana
the churches claim
they wanna’ heal us.

we are not broken
because we are queer.

it is you,
in the name of
your holy spirit-
dancing like david
every time, a right is denied
or a people oppressed,
who have taken the song
right outta’ of our book of
psalms just to see us broken.

creating religious laws
in secular spaces,
claiming respect
of culture and traditions.
disrespecting the very teachings
of your teacher…


created in his image…

how dare you exclude my community
from the creation,
then dress it up in biblical chapters
that lost their translation
when you started speaking
in blasphemous tongues.

but you know, my queer people
are like Job:

we go through hell and remain faithful.

jobs, family and life;
we survive because we have Spirit.

you may crucify us
but Love resurrects
on the third day…

we keep the sabbath
only to rest our fears.

Corinthians will show us Love
and you can keep your Apocalypse
‘cause your hatred will consume
only your hate-filled hearts.

and “when the saints,
go marchin’ in…”
a rainbow will remind us
of the true covenant…

“blessed are the pure in heart
for they will see god.” (matthew 5:8)

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2011 ©

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