July 23, 2011

“A nosotros los mortales no nos alcanza la vida para amar en lo más alto y soportar la caida.” ~ricardo montaner

…days later
i begin to mourn
loosing you.
loosing me.

i know.
i never gave
my Self the opportunity
to heal-


to believe
that i could just forget…

my body floating
in that bay,
your hands so gently
on my back.

our first morning,
when that song breathed
out of you: “eres todo…”

never have i awakened
so tenderly, so in Love.

you layed out a map
said this was the course.
we traversed
that half island.
my father’s land
your land…
tasting tender coconuts
sugar canes and mangos.

driving through the south
coming back through the north
heading east to go Home.

its beauty had me speechless.
feeling motions and emotions.

never had my eyes seen
such beauty…
felt a Love so deep…

i miss beauty
i miss kiskeya
i miss you.

…and we never made it to montecristi.

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2011

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