axel antonio

July 20, 2011

we have been waiting
anxiously for you…
fell in Love
the minute we knew
you were on your way.

we didn’t show
your mom we were worried
…our hope was greater than our fear.

the day arrived
and so did you.
4.4lbs of condensed Love.

the kind of Love
that reminds you:
happiness is alive.

and she… she just looks so… beautiful.

that glow that comes
right after Love is birthed.

the way she looked at you
like she had fallen in Love
for the very first time…

she holds you.
but it is you who,
with your little hands,
hold her heart.

i only caught this in picture frames

but the image was clear,
only an angel can birth an angel.

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2011

Bienvenido a la familia Axel Antonio. 

One Response to “axel antonio”

  1. Chareese Says:

    Mija!!! Me Encanta!!!

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