reflection: love of self

July 19, 2011

“i am the love that i seek.” ~ife franklin

my friend wrote this as her facebook status. it was one of those status’ that when you read, it resonates so much with you that you must repost. and so i did. but i’ve been sitting with the quote.  i took it out for a dinner date. we talked. it held my hand.

ideally, i would be “the love that i seek.”  but where in that process of seeking am i? and do i actually believe that i could be that very love i seek?  have i forgiven my Self and those who have hurt me, so that i can open my Self to Self Love?

see in the process of life, i have given Love easily and deeply. often times forgetting Self so that others may feel Love.  but during the course i have forgotten to replenish Love for Self.  i have forgotten what i like to do when i have nothing to do.  i have lost focus of my Self.  and in the loss i have started to do things out of routine rather than heart.  falling in Love with the concept of Love, i’ve forgotten the art of it.

fact: you can’t give what you don’t have.

consequence: trying to do so only depletes you and hurts others.

i have to focus on the steps.  one foot in front of the other… the rest is just a walk.  defining what that Love i seek looks like is one way to becoming that Love that i seek. i must return to the source and replenish what i’ve lost along the way. the source sits at the core of me. that place that often times we avoid because we wish to not deal with the things we thought were dead and buried.

but i if i am to become it, then i must be it. and to get there i must do the things that generate true Love of Self.

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2011 ©

2 Responses to “reflection: love of self”

  1. Chareese Says:

    Today, I give loving kindness and compassion….to myself….

  2. katia Camilo Says:

    Am now in the core of me ; it is really a difficult way pero es la unica manera en que podemos encontrarnos a nosotros mismo y sobre todo amarnos. Thanks por compartir esto…hugs!

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