aisle six

July 13, 2011

there i was at target
just getting some summer essentials:
marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate.

laughing with my friend
’cause we couldn’t find the damn marshmallows.
i turn into the next aisle
and there you were…

no, it wasn’t the marshmallows
but i bet she was as sweet and soft as them.

she had the most beautiful olive skin
i’ve ever seen.
a long yellow skirt, that danced
on her hips down
to her sandals
which wrapped themselves
around her ankles.

i’ve never wanted to be a skirt or a pair of sandals…

a white v-neck shirt fit her perfectly.
she had no make-up… just a natural beauty
that made me wish she had a UPC code
’cause i would’ve taken her home.

her hair was neatly messy.
some imperfect perfection
that had me wondering
what it smelled like…

if her skin was marshmallow
her hair was chocolate.

abruptly (as only a real friend would do),
“damn girl, don’t make it that obvious.”
and i realized,
i was stuck on stupid on aisle six.

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2011 ©

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