April 27, 2011

prose and circumstance
have brought us here,

i honor
the ink
that runs
out of your soul
and writes on
journals that
bleed anger

i honor
the ink
that spills
outcha’ mouf’
when you speak
the words
that break
the white noise
that numbs us.

ink is fuel
and your voice
is fire.


hatred, ignorance, fear.
the way
for Love and justice.

spit ink
spit words
spit fire

and burn
because prose and circumstance
is the sound of the
“spirit-stirring drum”
that is the beat
of spoken word.

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2011 ©

Thank you Cristina Izaguirre, Monique Jarvis, Lynette Johnson, Frederick Douglass Knowles II, Alain Lopez, Damion Sincere, Staceyann Chin and the many spoken word artists and poets who, with courage, speak the beat. I am humbled.

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