madam speaker

March 2, 2011

they want to legislate my body.
call a caucus in the chamber of my ovaries
and cast a vote on the floor of my uterus.

deficits, created by a war
i didn’t wage
got them snipping line items
ready to cut the umbilical cord
of my health.

tryin’ to take us back
to the days when comstock laws
made tragedies of life.

unwritten stories
tell horrifying alternatives
to laws that bled out…

it took atrocities
to consider women’s health.
but penile malfunction generated
an upward movement
right after that little blue pill
got your cock back, pulling triggers,
and shooting seeds onto a fertile soil
you now want to control again.


a constant fight.

griswold v. connecticut
roe v. wade
the gag rule
title x

they’ve been at war
with women’s bodies
since they came out of it.

been sucking
on these breasts since…
now you wanna’ refuse to provide
a test that’ll make sure
the milk that comes outta’ them
doesn’t go sour with cancer.

your actions and inactions
threaten lives already on the margins.
there is no room to compromise.

you ignorant sons of bastards… you cannot draft a bill on my body.

i am the speaker of my house.

~Sarahí Yajaira, © 2011

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