reflection: you are a miracle

February 15, 2011

recently, i have had a few conversations where the person i am speaking with says, “i just wanna’ know when is it my turn? when do i get a break?” i feel their spirit so heavy and can’t help but to feel almost useless -all i can do is listen.  i must confess, i have also asked these questions. in fact, as recently as a couple of months ago i found my self asking these same exact questions.

when a series of challenges continue to happen in our lives and weeks turn into months and possibly into years… it becomes almost unbearable. we ask the question, “when can i get a break?” because we are overwhelmed with this domino effect that has taken over our lives. we loose faith and hope because well, we’re human.

some days are hard. others are harder. and when one day precedes another accompanied with more challenges, we can’t help but bring our hands to our head and say, “are you (expletive) kidding me?”

how do we remain centered during these difficult times? how do we keep faith when we see no tangible results? often times we feel as though we might just “loose it;” that if one more thing happens we will be placed in a straight-jacket and wheel chaired to the next mental health facility.

there is a proverb that reads, “it is always darkest before dawn,” a quote my mother uses often to tell me that this too will break. and then reminds me of another point in time where i felt that things would never “take a turn for the better.”

the truth is this: we are created to survive.

if we remain centered in the certainty of our strength, come what may, we will meet the challenge for a day, a week, a month or a year with a strong resolve: “fight this to beat this.”

we fight. we fight. we fight with all we have. let it take a week. bring it for a month. do it for a year. we fight. as long as you’ve got life you fight. we are our own worst enemy. we are not aware of our own strength for survival.

and yes i know, some days you just wanna’ crawl under a rock and hide from the world. but we are human. our ability to survive in the most extreme cases has been called miracles.

so if at the end of the days, the weeks, the years “your break” didn’t come… you are a miracle for surviving.

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2011 ©