January 24, 2011

my past is a fragmented sentence.

i search for the missing pieces
in the corners of my memories,
in old pictures whose light is fainting,
in old letters whose ink is fading.

i try to find the adjectives to describe the nouns that hurt us.
i try to figure out if there are any periods left to put them at the end of things left unresolved.
instead, i stumble on a box filled with questions…

…a collection of words that make no sense.
transitive words with no direction towards clarity.
verbless lines that are silent.

my past is a fragmented sentence.

i must find
the verbs that agree.

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2011 ©

One Response to “syntax”

  1. Leticia Cotto Says:

    Words beautifully joined together. Me pones a pensar.

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