this new year, be unshakeable

December 29, 2010

family and friends,

for most of us, the end of the year is always a time of reflection. we find ourselves summarizing the culminating year.
we go through a list of the good, the bad, and that which we wish to never remember.
we’ve experienced loss. we cried deaths and celebrated births.
we were witnesses to disasters, to impossible feats, and heartbreaking defeats.

when we are on the eve of something new, “standing at the edge of all we know” or about to take that next step, a myriad of emotions will surface.
welcome these with open arms. embrace the collective energy of happiness, anger, sadness, and laughter…  then let it go.

let it go, to set your Self free.

last year, i wrote a piece  titled 11:59.
it read “be thankful for those moments that brought you pain/don’t rethink the darkness/except to give thanks for the strength it brought you.”
let those words resound throughout this new year.

we gain strength in the hardships. every challenge met and unmet is a spiritual evolution.

on the eve of this 2011. make no promises. no resolutions.

keep it simple… just live.

live out each day to the fullest.
come what may, live happily.
remain centered.

be unshakeable.

let the core of you be the source you turn to when the hardships come.
do not depend on anyone but yourself.
realize that everything you need, everything you want… you already have.

it is inside of you.

return to you. and in that place you will find everything you will need to take on this new year.

i wish you and yours happiness, peace, strength and courage.

strength and courage.

strength and courage.


Sarahí Yajaira

4 Responses to “this new year, be unshakeable”

  1. NP Productions Says:

    I look forward to your written works in the new year!

  2. Adriana Says:

    This piece comes at a perfect time as usual. Universe is always on time with its wisdom if we just listen. I have been pondering all day on the changes that lie ahead in my life and the mixed emotions that feel overwhelming. A thought came to mind “It is not the loss of the people or status that we leave behind that causes our pain. It is the fact that we allowed ourselves to rely on these for our happiness. Learning to be Happy within and accepting that it is not recognizing how to do this which causes the negative emotions. Thank You Sister.

  3. tammy Says:

    i remember you from Regis! i think i may have even had a little crush on you, during my “bi-curious” phase (whatever that means! :D)
    your words are beautiful and inspiring. thank you for sharing them, i’ll be sure to keep reading

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