a love story

December 20, 2010

i want our love to be a never-ending story.
or at least an epic trilogy that turns classic.
i want the strength of our love to be the hardcover
that keeps the pages of our lives together.

if our love was a paragraph,
i’d want it to be a series of run-on sentences
where periods would be placed only in parts
where we’d need to stop and catch our breath.


i’d want to hold on to the commas
at the end of your lips,
to breathe you in between kisses.
and i’d want you to hold me
between the parentheses of your arms.

i want the cover graphic
to be a picture of our hands,
so that we may always hold
the story of our love.

i want trust to be what binds.
communication copyrighted.
patience to be numbered
in the corners of our pages.
i want the ISBN of our book to be 13,
’cause luck has turned for us.

i want the dedication to read:
“to us. for making it work.”
and we can preface
it with the story of how our souls met
long before our bodies.

i want our love to be divided into chapters.
let each chapter title carry the name
of each of our years together.

i want the love we make to be poems.

i want our book to be a
even-in-the-tough-parts-kinda-book because

i want our love to be a best seller.
a non-fiction pulitzer prize winner
that reads like a fairytale.

and when the pages of our book
get closer to the back cover,
i want the last page to read… “the beginning.”

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2010 ©

4 Responses to “a love story”

  1. katt Says:

    i want our love to be published….love it

  2. Pam Says:

    You are truly gifted…Thank-You

  3. Gilly Says:

    WOW! I stumbled upon this and I felt the need to just tell you how amazing this piece is.

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