infinite moon

December 3, 2010

a thousand particles collided.
scattering throughout the infinite
countless fragments of what was my heart…

through the telescope
of your eyes you see
a conglomeration of stars,
some sort of lost milky way.

your light.

a gravitational force
pulling me slowly
out of this black hole
…in to your galaxy.

meteor showers
wash the dark matter of pain
around the nebulae
of my heart.

there was a time
when i was so much more
than these scattered lights.

i am not a shooting star.
a light who just reflects
a thousand traveled lifetimes.
do not make wishes on them
for their light no longer exist.

i am not another moon
in jupiter’s collection.
surrounded by many
but none
give it light.

the stars
of your night
winked at me.

align themselves.
the constellation
of your celestial hands
formed a big dipper
to hold me in your space.

i would condense
the scattered fragments
of me…
just to be bright enough
to be the only moon
in the infinite universe
of your heart.

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2010 ©

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