buttons and a zipper

November 27, 2010

that little girl…
she was happy!

full of life
and laughter.
never said
“i’m bored.”

her imagination
took her around the world
into other worlds;
created worlds
where love was law.

she painted life
on concrete canvasses.
made cash registers
outta’ shoe boxes
and you paid her in buttons.

in puerto rico,
when it rained,
she’d make pasteles de lodo
wrapped in newspaper.
then sold them for
one tree leaf.

her imaginary friend
was real.
as real as the love
she gave wrapped in
mary jane kisses.

her energy was high.
her spirit
danced in the rain.
the sound of her laughter
could melt mr. softee popsicles
on any new york city summer’s day.

she loved to hang
with her cousins.
wanted nothing
to do with the color pink.

the streets
wanted to play
with her.
you found her
hanging on monkey bars.
jumping fences. at the handball court.
playing hoops. runnin’ ‘round the bases.
tryin’ to slide safe into home…

nothing took
her happiness away.
she was always

except that one day her smile faded…

that day he unzipped
his pants.

she never said anything.
kept her silence. years later
all she said was, “guard your daughters.”

before that day
she confessed what happened,
she was always smiling.
you woulda’ never known
she carried that around.

today i talked to the little girl.
she said she doesn’t want to
smile or laugh…

“not enough buttons
to buy back that day,” she said.

…that little girl cries.

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2010 ©

2 Responses to “buttons and a zipper”

  1. rosa Says:

    The child in me cries with the child in you as friends do and we are done we can go on and again BE.

  2. milly Says:

    me trae muchos recuerdos

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