a letter to love

November 12, 2010


when you come home
this is what a need from you…

i need you to be patient.
with you. with me. with us.
you should come dressed in comfort.
nothing flashy
–simplicity catches my eye with ease.

come with a gentle spirit.
speak softly. hold me gently.
you will have my attention
if you can get at my intellect
and my spirit.

don’t hold me accountable
for what others have done to you.
i still believe in you
amidst the heartaches
loving has caused.

feed the spirit of us.
nurture the soul of what we have
with letters, flowers, music…
details add fuel to the fire.
love must burn.

on a lazy sunday
wrapped in me.
recharge our souls
with peace.

want to want to it.
need to have it.
fight to make sure we continue
to love “for better or for worse.”

and finally, please,
come home for good.


(i left the light on for you).

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2010

One Response to “a letter to love”

  1. Florencia Says:

    Hola Sarahi,
    Really glad I found your blog…so you fancy huh? writer, singer…now that is really fancy! (Someone should re-release that song with real lyrics, because I love the sound) Love the piece about being Lesbian and Latina. It reminds me of Soledad O’Brien, a chapter in her book about being Latina in America! What is in that chapter and what you wrote would be great for an Analeh Show. I also will send you the invite to the first Pluma Poetry for this Wednesday at Jessie’s Cafe. Phil Colon had a Poetry might at Camila’s on Park St years ago. He really liked it and is reconstituting it. I understand that there are not any Spanish language Poetry Nights. We can share all that information on Wed or electronically.

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