love’s lifetimes

September 25, 2010

the Sunshine of your eyes
rose one sweet 16 day
in the horizon of my heart.

a swarm of butterflies
filled my belly.

my hands
were sweaty.
my body
my heart

and i ran…
across that bridge
under the pouring rain
just to get down
on my 16-year-old knee
and ask you to marry me.

young fool.

all i could afford
was my love
and a $5 dollar stuffed bear
you named charlemagne.

accepted my proposal
while telling me,
“you so crazy.”

i left roses inside your locker.
and when the bell rang
we’d find each other in the hallway
passing love notes dressed in handshakes.

and i was all for you.
and you were all for me.
and all for one had our song
playing on every radio station…

“i swear…”
our love would last
infinite lifetimes.
and yes, “i’ll be there.”

but that was first love.

that was love before it got complicated.

cause now…

it’s no longer about the butterflies
or the love notes.
it’s much more complex.
you need all your strength
just to make it work


your heart breaks.
you break hearts.

but the memory of how good it feels
keeps you coming back.

in hopes…
that this time,
it will last.
that this time,
you will figure it out.

and you need it.

like some addictive drug,
it calls you.
and you surrender everything
to have one more shot at this.

one more shot
at growing old
with someone.
one more shot
at companionship.

one more shot
at that love
that survives
the challenges.

that love, that will rise
in the horizon of so many sunsets.


the likes that is felt through lifetimes.

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2010 ©

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