camp angels

August 22, 2010

15 years
have passed
since the likes of you
first walked this trail
leading straight to our hearts.

your hands
painting smiles on our faces.
your faces
bringing light to our worlds.

you angels you!

you amazing beautiful angels.
tell me please
where do you hide your wings?

in your presence… we grow stronger.

we take with us your laughter.
that perfect song, that’s never wrong.

we learn from your smiles…
to wear them, even on the rough days.

we want you to
run ’round the bases,
but slide safe into home.
please be safe!

don’t forget to look up at the night sky.
those stars above are us watching over all of you.

dance. eat well. do your best in school.
laugh. A LOT.  respect yourself. love yourself.
no one can move you from the center of you.

and always remember… to keep patience,
strength, courage, faith… and smile!

keep that beautiful smile.

~Sarahi Yajaira, 2010

dedicated to all the campers who have been a part of Camp MeechiMuk. i wish you light.

One Response to “camp angels”

  1. Rosa M. Biaggi Says:

    I love it. Nothing has moved me more in life that Camp Meechimuk: the volunteers, the campers, the time spent together, the smiles, the laughters, the “late, late, late”, the time outs, the welcomings, the hopes, the good byes, the tomato soup and grilled cheese lunch in my honor (even when I’m not there), and the “see you next year” said amongst tears. Long live Camp Meechimuk!

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