August 7, 2010

when she grows up
i want her to remember
our womyn.

i want her to know
that the womyn in our family
have been fighters and survivors
and go-getters and do-ers…

…that we laugh when crying sits on our throats.

i look at her
in wonder.
amazed at how nature knew
the perfect brush stroke
to use for her smile…
the colors of her eyes
make her hair standout.

her little hands
-carved out perfectly-
hold my heart so gently.

she kisses my nose,
i breathe in her love.

her energy is sweet and powerful.
when she gets upset you can witness
our mothers’ temperaments in her cries.
she frowns at the center of her forehead
-just like abuela.

and laughs with the sweetness of a thousand pilones.

she prefers that you not comb her hair…
still, she is beautiful.

i can tell she’s gonna be strong…
she’s so determined to do her own thing.
keeps herself busy and entertained
and smiling she wraps you around her little fingers.

she talks…
a lot.
most of the time
to herself.
and don’t you dare interrupt her
because the conversation
is deep and intense.
she’s been practicing words;
nouns and adjectives want to play with her.

she will grow…

and i want her to know
that life will not be pretty.
that days might come
when she will want to crawl
back into her mother’s womb.

and at those times
she must remember the womyn.
remember that she comes from a line
of queens that played kings.

that her little hands
will stretch and gain the strength
they need to hold life.

that her voice
will learn
how to use the words
that played with her
to build conversations
that will change hearts.

i want her to remain humble.
to keep peace in her heart.
to help others.
to do good and be good.

i want her to remember
that our womyn
were patient in the wait.
that they always believed
better days would come
because if they didn’t,
our womyn created them
with their hands.

i want her to be strength
wrapped in gentleness.

i want her to remember
to feed the spirit
of the little girl she is now.
because she will remain inside
her even when she becomes a womyn.
but most of all
i want her to remember
our womyn.
because in memory
we keep their spirit alive.
and in their spirit
we will always
find strength.

~Sarahi Yajaira, 2010

Writer’s Note: Pilones is a type of lollipop found in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.  Abuela means… well, you should go look it up.  Do some homework. ;o)

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