headline news

July 27, 2010

this breaking news
is breaking souls.

i need to turn it off.

liars have crawled into my bed.
as the oil, spills into my dreams.

and the war that never followed rules of engagement
has put a ring on my finger
as i walk down the aisle of this battle field
to wed against my will –wedding bombs are ringing.

they tune out darfur’s on-going genocide
and hatred’s toxic pesticide
to talk about celebrities in court
and ball player salaries.

the french government debates
a ban on a peoples way of life.
while arizona legislates racism.

the uneducated is the biggest terrorist threat.
hatred is the greatest spill in our world’s history.
poverty will leave our spirits bankrupt.
hunger will eat at our conscious.

our development will be arrested,
and there is no bailout for the people.

~Sarahi Yajaira, 2010