my prayer

June 11, 2010

i pray god forgives me
for i have sinned.

this internal religious war
has me burning bibles
and sacrificing jesus’.

i pray for those who pray hatred
on knees bent and body bowed.
asking god to change
sinners like me
into saint devils like them.

using scripture as a double edged sword
to stab my heart and pierce my spirit.
preaching from ecclesiastical altars,
perfumed with wilted white roses
that remind me of the dead.

saint devils enslaved to words
on a book
lost in translations.
blasphemous words uttered
condeming the creation of god:

me. as i am.

but their words fall on deaf ears.
the psalm of my prayer
will be sung.

love cannot be rebuked.

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2010  ©

3 Responses to “my prayer”

  1. Masani Tyler Says:

    Beautiful, sis!

  2. Steven G Hoesandpoofs Says:

    yes. yes. yes.

  3. Jennifer DeMatteo Says:

    you r so talented Sarahi

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