dissipating worries

May 18, 2010

on the rough days
when the negativity
turns to face me

i turn away
and face you.

your smile
soothes me.
reminds me
to play.
to hide-and-seek
a different way to look at life.

your little hands
tag me.
the music playing
on the truck coming down the street.
you stop.
whisper in my ears
“you know what would make this day perfect?
…some ice cream.”

we sit on the sidewalk
i say, “this ice cream is good…
but it’s you who makes my day perfect.”

you smile.
we get in the car
driving away.
i open the sunroof
you stick your little head out
laughing and loving
every minute of the wind
in your face.

dissipating my worries…
in the blue skies of your smile.

~Sarahí Yajaira, 2010  ©

2 Responses to “dissipating worries”

  1. Lu Ann Says:

    Such a romantic…

  2. grace Says:

    blue skies of your smile
    i am giving you a standing ovation for that line alone
    so good

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