gentleman’s kiss

April 3, 2010

you always wait
at the door for me.

like a kid,
i run up the stairs…
anxious to see you again.

i close my eyes
to feel…
your gentle kiss
on my forehead.
that warm embrace,
makes me
your little girl again.

the balcony invites us
we sit.
sharing laughs, conversations
and whatever little snack you offer.

you tell me
to sit on your lap
and in your best Papi voice say,
“vamos a darnos mucho carin~o,
que no sabemos si nos volvemos a ver.”

i smile.

my fingers run
through your black and white hair…
and i remind you, “esto es lo que le gusta al viejo!”

you smile.

i rest my head
in that space between
your shoulder and your neck.

i smell you.

familiar. comforting.

my heart smiles.

you love me.
you support me.

we hug and kiss.

’til next time.

i walk down the stairs,
step out the building
and look up.

there you are…
blowing kisses at me from the balcony.

i blow them right back
and say, “yo te adoro mi viejo!”

“y yo a ti mi hija querida.”

you are
my favorite gentleman.

~Sarahi Yajaira, 2010 ©

5 Responses to “gentleman’s kiss”

  1. jackie Says:

    Girl this is why I barely read your blogs I always end up crying like a like a little girl…Your such a poet I loved every word it is beautiful…

  2. 3B Says:

    If he is real…you are blessed. So blessed to have someone like that in your life.
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> that’s me blowing kisses to you!

  3. Judy Says:

    Love it, but where’s the poem about visiting mijas???

    Love you!

  4. Jacqueline Says:

    Sublime!!! I love it.

  5. Roselyn Says:

    Wow….you are gifted!!! I can’t stop crying!!!

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