debt collectors notice

March 15, 2010

if i took all of my yesterdays
multiplied them by the root of your mistakes
i would be left with a debt
payable only upon the consolidation
of the accumulated interest
in your savings of lies and deceit.

this is my inheritance.

it makes no difference to me
that you thought
that sacrifice
would lower the interest rate
or grant you forbearance. 

you owe me nothing
except the balance due:
my truth.

free me of my uncertainty.

this voided check
will not cover
the outstanding debt
you’ve accrued
since that day…

that day you decided to counterfeit truths.

~Sarahi Yajaira, © 2010

2 Responses to “debt collectors notice”

  1. Diana Aldrete Says:


    You have posed a perfect juxtaposition between debt and emotion, which ultimately blends together so well. It is powerful. You bring the intrinsic with the palpable, yet you give a visual to the pain of not receiving the most valuable asset: truth. I commend you for your search and thank you for the journey you are taking us through.

    Diana A.

  2. Lu Ann T Says:

    This is one of your better peices. I read it through quite a few times; at different times. Excellente!
    Love, LT

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