December 30, 2009

when the clock strikes midnight
and a new year begins,
be thankful for those in our lives who still remain.
be thankful for those moments that brought you pain.
don’t rethink the darkness
except to give thanks for the strength it brought you.

when fireworks announce the start of a new year,
look to the light
in symbolism
of the path you should follow in the coming year.

let that last minute of the year that ends
be that last breath that mends
leaving all that was tough behind
and all that will be beautiful ahead.

when the first sunrise
breaks the night,
announcing a new day,
feel the warmth of its rays
on your soul.

let the new year bring
a new you


but love with all you have.

’cause in the end,
like in the beginning,
it is all we have.

~Sarahi Yajaira, 2009